Is it Bad to Put a Toilet in a Bedroom?

Putting a toilet in a bedroom is a common practice in the United States. Many homeowners put washstands and toilets in their bedrooms. They called these places “water closets” until they learned that it was more cost-effective to bring the plumbing to one central location, which became the bathroom. This practice is not uncommon today, but there are some things to consider before you do it.

For a more harmonious environment, place a thick headboard on the wall between the bathroom and bedroom. This will absorb negative Chi from the toilet. Natural calabash and Wu Lou gourd are two plants that absorb negative Chi. This will make the space look more spacious and calming. A bed should not be located close to the toilet, as this will lead to poor sleep. If you cannot relocate your bed, you can install a thick headboard on the wall.

The walls behind the toilet should be studded. You should also leave an open space for the piping. Another option is to install two toilets in a bedroom. However, if you decide to put two toilets in one room, you need two studded walls. For each toilet, you can dedicate six inches of the studded wall. If you have a wall dedicated to each toilet, it’s best to install them back-to-back.

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