Product Manager’s Salary at Amazon

The salary range of a product manager is 150 to 250k, depending on the position and seniority. Those who hold Senior Director-level positions will likely be offered a position in the L8 tier or lower. However, their designation may stay the same. The Amazon compensation structure is also exciting, as the company offers stock options. The Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) offered to Product Managers are subject to a four-year vesting period. The number of stock units offered will depend on the level of seniority and the number of units awarded.

The principal product manager level at Amazon is called L7, also known as senior manager PM. Product managers at Amazon are typically ranked from L5 to L8. From there, they can move to director or VP product manager roles. Although Amazon does not have a level 9, you can work your way up to this position as you build experience and prove your value as a product manager. However, it is important to remember that product managers in Amazon have a high level of responsibility.

While you can make close to $200k as a product manager at Amazon, it is essential to remember that the salary is only one factor. Other important factors, such as cost of living, should also be considered. The salary at Amazon varies by location, but the cost of living is usually lower in Miami Beach than in Coral Springs. This means that the salary will be higher if you live in the South.

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