Can You Drive a Car With Different Size Tires?

The BMW X5 is one such car with two different tire sizes. These are almost identical in diameter, but the last number on each tire tells you what size it fits. The same rule applies to putting do-nut spares on the non-drive wheels. Putting a different size tire on the drive wheels may cause the differential to work too hard. In late model cars, you may even get a warning light.

Aside from the danger of wearing down the center differential, driving a car with different sized wheels may cause the vehicle to pull in one direction. Different-sized wheels also cause problems with the vehicle’s anti-lock brakes, which can result in a check engine light, transmission shifting issues, and more. Some vehicles may even have electronic stability control (ESC) systems that will activate more frequently as a result.

While it’s generally a bad idea to use two different-sized tires on the same axle, it’s possible to drive a car with a different-sized spare wheel if they’re close in size. Similarly, two different-size tires on one axle will cause the car to ‘tramline’. If this happens, the car’s differential will be damaged. If you don’t want to risk damaging the differential, get a space saver spare wheel.

It’s not easy to replace tires if you’ve added rims to your vehicle. While larger tires are better for handling potholes and other rough roads, they may make it impossible to replace them. However, bigger wheels will also cost you more money to replace than smaller wheels, so be sure to shop around to find the best tires for your vehicle. If you’re unsure, try an online search for “can you drive a car with different size tires?”

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