How Does the Google Play Store Determine Similar Apps?

How does the Google Play Store determine similar apps to a specific app? The app you’re looking for may be similar to another, but this doesn’t mean it’s duplicated. It’s likely that the data used by the store is based on user feedback, and the Google Play team asks simple questions to determine similarity. The data also considers similar icons, screenshots, and topics.

In the product tab, you’ll see a card called Similar Apps. This card lists apps thematically similar to your current app. The list includes up to 170 similar apps. It’s like the “You might like” card on the App Store. Seeing the card makes it easier for you to decide which apps are similar to yours. Whether your app appears in the Similar Apps card will depend on a few different factors.

While the similar apps feature can increase the download rate, it is also being used by some developers to generate fake downloads. This practice has led to duplicate apps that are either poorly developed or scams. As such, the similar apps tab should not be a replacement for Featured or Top Charts lists. If you’re wondering how Google determines similar apps, follow these tips. You’ll find the perfect app for your needs.

Another way to figure out which apps are similar to yours is to look at the Google Play store’s featured apps. Google uses your preferences and interests to determine which apps are most similar to yours. It has made a lot of changes to the way similar apps are displayed, and they’ve been causing quite a bit of controversy lately. A recent experiment with hamburgers on the menu caused the Play Store to be criticized. Now, Google is testing direct comparisons between similar apps.

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