How to Upload an Android App to the Google Play Store For Free

To submit your Android app for review, first select the type of release you’re making. Next, select the type of signing you’re going to use to upload your app. You can either use an auto-signing service or manually sign in. Once you’ve made your selection, select the type of release, which should be an APK or an App Bundle. Then, click the ‘Review’ button to review your app and make sure that everything is correct.

After you’ve completed building your app, you’re almost done! However, if you’re a beginner, you may not know the exact guidelines for publishing on GooglePlay. The sections marked * are mandatory. Read the guidelines carefully before you submit your application. If you don’t follow them, your app could be rejected or even banned. To prevent this, you can follow Google’s guidelines, which are updated frequently.

After creating your app, you’ll need to choose a pricing model. You can either make your app free or charge users for it. When you submit your app, you’ll be prompted to select countries where you’d like your app to be available. To make sure that your app is available in the right countries, you can choose whether your app is intended for children or has advertisements. Alternatively, you can share your app with internal testers so they can test it and report any problems.

Once you have an app that you have created, you’ll need to submit it for review on Google’s Play Store. You can then choose between the beta version and the production version. If you’re uploading your app to the Google Play Store for the first time, you’ll have to pay a once-in-a-lifetime fee of $25. The rest of your apps are free.

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