Where Do Trucks Keep Spare Tires?

Where do trucks keep their spare tires? Most trucks keep their spare tires under the bed of the truck. When mounting a spare tire, be sure to install the equipment correctly in the truck. Make sure to pass through the lock assembly and bumper before installing it. If the spare tire equipment is not properly mounted, you may end up with a damaged tire. A good way to prevent this problem is to mount your spare tire in a lower location.

Depending on the type of tire, a truck may have several different places to mount the spare tire. The rear spare tire is typically mounted to the bumper, while the front one is generally mounted on the roof. A wagon-based truck may also mount its spare tire in the back cabin, or even the bed. If you need to change the tire on the road, it’s a good idea to mount it on the truck’s roof.

Another common location for storing spare tires is the cradle underneath the rear of the vehicle. This cradle is secured by a bolt from the trunk. While this option can save space, it can also be messy. Moreover, the cradle may rust, especially if the car is an older model. If you’re worried about rust, you can install a spare wheel cover.

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