Why Do Some Hotels Have Glass Wall Bathrooms?

A glass bathroom wall is a common fixture in some upscale hotels. These walls separate the shower area from the rest of the bathroom so that water doesn’t leak out. The glass doors also help keep the bathroom dry, and some even feature a phone in the bathroom. While some people see the glass wall bathrooms as completely normal, others disagree. Here are some reasons for why some hotels use glass walls in their bathrooms.

For one thing, a glass wall bathroom allows plenty of natural light to shine into the bathroom. It’s also easier to keep clean. The walls are prone to fingerprints, but a rag will usually do the trick. Guests who don’t like to share their bathrooms might find them uncomfortable and end up renting separate rooms in the hotel. Those who want a glass wall bathroom are probably not the best candidates for this design, but the perks are many.

Despite the risks associated with bathroom locks, hotel bathrooms often feature no locks. Since hotel guests pee and bathe several times, accidents can happen. Fortunately, most hotel bathrooms have emergency pull-outs to help them lock the door. In addition to glass doors, the walls and ceilings are made of four inches of glass, making them completely transparent. These glass walls can be tinted or frosted to increase privacy.

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