Guide to Care Your Jordan Sneakers

Do you have Air Jordans? If not, get hold of a pair of Air Jordans if you consider yourself to be a severe sneakerhead. You have to consider them whether you are looking for a team to play basketball or for fashion. Whether you want to or not, you will adore these Nike Air Jordan shoes. Buying is one thing, but taking care of and maintaining your Air Jordans can be a significant issue. Fortunately, this article brings you some easy shoe maintenance hints that will extend the life of your Air Jordan. So here are some tips for caring for your sneakers.

Keep it in a box

Your Air Jordan 21 shoes should be kept in the box as frequently as possible, whether you want to wear them or sell them later. As a result, dirt and dust do not build up. The closet is an excellent place to keep the shoe box. If you can, put it on a high shelf. This lessens the risk of interior issues like floods causing damage. It will help if you put your Jordan sneakers in a new shoe box as soon as your old ones show significant wear. You can also put it in a shoe bag rather than a shoe box. Shoes can be packed in these bags for travel. Consequently, keeping your shoe bag inside a bigger travel bag is best.

Washing machine

The quickest way to clean the Air Jordan 21 is typically by tossing it in the washer. Make sure to take out any laces or insoles if you have them. Please wash this pair of Jordan shoes alone. Check to see if the washing machine has any other shoes or clothing. Next, allow the sun to dry it. Alternatively, you may keep it in a dark space with a window so it can get natural light.

Cleaning in the Sink

Your Jordan shoes can be washed in the sink if you do not want to use the washing machine. Pour a tiny amount of dish soap into the closed sink. Then pour cold water into it. Put your shoes in when the water has had a chance to settle. Once more, take the laces off and clean them individually. Your Jordan shoes should be immersed only partially in a sink. Instead, carefully soak each pair separately, then scrub the sneakers with a brush. After brushing, always dry your sneakers with a towel. Leave it in the sun for as long as you want to let it dry.

Leather care

A leather coating is present on some Nike Air Jordan models. You can use a leather conditioner to clean a pair of Jordan sneakers you bought with this coating. To your shoes, apply this conditioner. While the conditioner is still on, gently dry it with a towel. After that, keep it in a cool room for one to two days. Make sure to pick a high-quality leather conditioner if you decide to go this route.


If leather conditioner is applied incorrectly, it could endanger your Jordan sneakers even more. Make sure to ask the salesman which option is ideal for you while purchasing Jordan sneakers from a shoe store. Additionally, if you own an Air Jordan, you can request that the shoe shop apply some leather conditioner.

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