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Hyperbaric Treatment For Cystitis

A recent study showed that a hyperbaric treatment for cystitis significantly improved the prognosis in patients suffering from radiation-induced hemorrhagic cystitis. It was found that the treatment was effective in reducing pain and restoring bladder function. Although this method is not yet approved by the FDA, it is a promising alternative for people with inflammatory bowel disease. The results of this study will be important for further research.

This study included patients who have late radiation cystitis. In a randomised controlled phase 2-trial, the researchers examined a total of 154 patients with late radiation cystitis. They were excluded if they had undergone gynecologic, rectal or prostate cancer. Other exclusion criteria included those undergoing ongoing blood transfusions, a permanent urinary catheter, or a fistula in the urinary bladder.

One recent study showed that patients with late radiation cystitis improved after undergoing hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The study included patients who had undergone pelvic radiotherapy within the last six months and who had an EPIC score below 80. This study excluded patients with an ongoing blood transfusion, a urinary catheter, or a bladder capacity less than 100 ml. A cautionary note was issued regarding the use of the therapy for this condition.

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In a recent trial, patients with recurrent interstitial cystitis and painful bladder syndrome were treated with a high-pressure hyperbaric chamber. In this study, the treatment was administered to patients with PBS/IC who had failed to respond to standard treatment. The study was conducted for two or four weeks. The results indicated that HBOT significantly reduced the symptoms and improved bladder structure. The authors concluded that the procedure reduced the incidence of recurrence of the disease in a number of cases.

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